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Discover Canoe Lake Nursery

The Little Nursery with a Big Outdoors


About Canoe Lake Nursery

Where Great Minds Are Born

With our progressive and holistic early childhood education philosophy, we understand that each child has unique needs and interests. We provide the environment and tools your child needs to thrive to the best of their abilities.

When we expose children to different environments and various learning experiences, we allow them to explore their self-awareness and gain a sense of the world around them. Once they leave Canoe Lake Nursery, they’re fully prepared for the next stage of their young lives.

Our Programs

Harnessing Creativity


Outdoor Play

Here For You

Kids Drawing

Art Lessons

A Perfect Fit

Our Mission

Innovative & Responsible

At Canoe Lake Nursery, our mission consists of providing a warm and nurturing environment where children feel safe. Our unique Nursery School offers various activities that are specifically designed to encourage each child’s growth. Through cooperative play and creative activities, kids reach their social, emotional and physical milestones naturally and with ease.


Opening Hours

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

Ofsted Report

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Nursery Terms and Conditions

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Contact Us

Canoe Lake Nursery, Eastern Parade, Southsea, Portsmouth, Southsea PO4 9RF, UK

023 9307 2875

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